AIR SPIRIT ENERGY Handmade beaded stretch-bracelet created from genuine crystal gemstone beads and Reiki charged. Includes bracelet information sheet.


Air energy is about the intellect, breath, life, soul. Detachment, thought, intelligence, the mind and logic. The element of AIR is associated with the East and Sylphs.


This crystal bracelet was designed to flow with the energy of the Air, wear for mental clarity and to heighten the imagination in any situation.


Choose Air energy if you already have these qualities and want to amplify them or if you feel you may be lacking these qualities and want to increase them.

If you are an Air Spirit…

*You will feel a calling to deliver a message into the world through teaching or creative self-expression
*You have a strong imagination and foresight to think about the bigger picture
*You desire to stand up for humanity, your beliefs and the beliefs of others
*You are always striving to keep the peace and resolve conflicts 
*Surrounding yourself with friends and family is important to you 


Crystals Include:
Yellow Tiger Eye, Citrine, Amethyst, Gold Rutilated Quartz and metal ID tag (AIR).


Hand made with love, and Reiki charged, each stretch bracelet is made to order and may vary slightly in design to accommodate custom sizes.

Average wrist is 7" (bracelet size is 7-1/2" long), I also offer slightly smaller (wrist size 6.5") and slightly larger (wrist size 7.5").

If you need a smaller or bigger size other than what I offer here please contact me and I can make you a custom order.


Purchase includes bracelet ONLY and does not include any props used for display. 

Element Air Spirit Energy Crystal Bracelet - Intellect, Mental Clarity!