CELTIC TRISCELE Pewter Pendant on adjustable 30" black cloth cord, information paper included.


Pendant is double-sided and measures approx. 1” tall and weighs .60 ounces (17 grams). Brand new, Cast in Lead-free, kid-safe, Pewter in the USA by skilled American Crafts People.


Perhaps the true secret of Celtic spirals lies in their simplicity and beauty. They are Universal Symbols of the Spiritual Balance between inner and outer Consciousness. Celtic Spirals are associated with the Power of the Sun and Harmony with the Earth.


The Triscele, or Triskelion, is a three-pronged spiral representing the Celtic Triple Goddess: Symbolizing the 3 stages of womanhood; Maiden, Mother, Crone.


Whatever the Triskelia's meaning, it is interesting that the motif is based around the number 3 - a highly Sacred Number in most ancient cultures.


The “Spiral of Life" is found on many ancient Irish stone carvings dating back to 2500 BC; most scholars believe it represents the Cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth.


Others say this deeply Mystical Symbol represents the Male, Female, and Child on the Path of Life.

The triple spiral represents the Eternal Truth and helps show us that the meaning of life is to find Harmony between the three dimensions of our existence.

Celtic Triscele Pewter Pendant