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DRAGON SHIELD Warrior's PROTECTION Pewter Pendant on adjustable 30" black cloth cord with information paper.


Pendant is brand new, double-sided and measures approx. 1-3/8” tall and weighs .65 oz (19 grams).

Cast in Lead-free, kid-safe, Pewter in the USA by skilled American Crafts People.


Four Dragons are facing outward --fiercely guarding the four Cardinal points of the compass: North, South, East, and West. Look closely and you will see their Powerful Claws and Muscular Arms on either side of their heads. The necks of these beasts extend to the center of the design and combine into a Celtic Knot that can Confuse, Mystify, and Defeat any Enemy.


Looking more closely one can see 4 more Dragons facing inward preventing any enemies that slip passed the other Guardians from causing trouble from within.


The last two Dragonheads and encircling necks, seen in a profile view, are forming the outer circle of the whole design: a Protective Circle containing Ancient Magical Protective Runes that read: "Courage forges a path through all obstacles banishing Fear-the thief of Dreams"


Creatures of great Mysticism and Magic, Dragons emerged at the very Beginning-the time of Creation; the time of Chaos. Dragons were born long before men set foot upon the Earth. They are ancient creatures possessing the Wisdom of the Ages. Legend says that Dragons, being born of the elements, became Protectors of the Skies, Seas, the Earth, and Mankind.


The famous Four Dragons Of Chinese Myth saved humanity from the wrath of the Gods even though the dragons lost their lives in the process.


Chris Bennett designed this shield to protect our Warriors that are in harm's way.

Dragon Shield Warrior's Protection Pewter Pendant

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