Crystal Energy AURA Bracelet: PEACE ~ My mind and body are quiet.


Handmade beaded stretch-bracelet created from genuine crystal gemstone beads. Includes bracelet information paper and metal identification charm.
This crystal gemstone bracelet was designed to flow with your personal energy field or AURA to help create & maintain a state of serenity & peace. It works well in opening the crown chakra.

Wear as a reminder that peace is just a state of mind and always available to you or as a connection to the crystal energies and colors!


BLUE LACE AGATE: Communication, Stabilizing, Calming.

KUNZITE: Unconditional Love, Clearing, Divine Love

LAVENDER JADE (enhanced): Calming, Peaceful, Connection.


Affirmation: “Harmony and peace surround me”. 


Hand made with love, and Reiki charged, each stretch bracelet is made to order and may vary slightly in design to accommodate custom sizes.

Peace Crystal Aura Energy Bracelet

  • **How To Measure Your Wrist**To determine the correct size of the bracelet measure the wrist, at the smallest part of the wrist, between the hand and the wrist bone. To measure your wrist you can use a flexible measuring tape. If you do not have one use a string, or a strip of paper. Wrap the string (paper) around your wrist, at the position described above and then measure it against the ruler.This is your wrist size, corresponding bracelet sizes are usually 1/2" larger for the perfect fit.