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RAVEN SPIRIT ENERGY handmade beaded stretch-bracelet created from genuine crystal gemstone beads and Reiki charged. Includes bracelet information sheet.


Raven’s playful nature reveals itself as she soars on air currents diving and gliding as if dancing to a beautiful melody. You may hear Raven’s voice as croaking or as a lovely tune or she may vocalize something else altogether.


Her shiny black feathers evoke thoughts of magic and mystery and spiritual strength. Black, the color of the womb where creation dwells. This is her medicine. Raven helps to stir the energies for you to manifest what you need. Call on her to help you reveal your own creative magic within.

This crystal bracelet was designed to flow with the energy of Raven Spirit, wear to tap into your personal truth in any situation. Choose Raven energy if you are soaring in your magic and want to amplify it or if you feel you may be lost on your spiritual path and want to increase your connection to the magic of the Divine.


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