TURTLE SPIRIT ENERGY handmade beaded stretch-bracelet created from genuine crystal gemstone beads and Reiki charged. Includes bracelet information sheet.


Turtle’s slow and steady energy emerges gradually bringing with it a deep Earth connection which is calming and pure. You may hear Turtle’s voice presented as a deep rumbling that vibrates around you bringing balance, strength, and persistence.


Turtle spirit is one of patience and determination. She encourages going deep within to connect with your spiritual self and learn to trust your intuition. Turtle spirit tells you to stay the course, to trust in yourself and to delight in the harmony she brings to your life!


This crystal bracelet was designed to flow with the energy of Turtle Spirit, wear to tap into your inner strength and feminine energy. Choose Turtle energy if you are needing grounding and patience to help you reach your goals.


Crystals Include:
Green Rutilated Quartz, Bloodstone, Chlorite in Quartz, Labradorite, Prehnite and metal ID tag (TURTLE).


Hand made with love, and Reiki charged, each stretch bracelet is made to order and may vary slightly in design to accommodate custom sizes.

Average wrist is 7" (bracelet size is 7-1/2" long), I also offer slightly smaller (wrist size 6.5") and slightly larger (wrist size 7.5").
If you need a smaller or bigger size other than what I offer here please contact me and I can make you a custom order.


Purchase includes bracelet ONLY and does not include any props used for display.  


**How To Measure Your Wrist**

To determine the correct size of the bracelet measure the wrist, at the smallest part of the wrist, between the hand and the wrist bone. To measure your wrist you can use a flexible measuring tape. If you do not have one use a string, or a strip of paper. Wrap the string (paper) around your wrist, at the position described above and then measure it against the ruler.
This is your wrist size, corresponding bracelet sizes are usually 1/2" larger for the perfect fit.

Turtle Spirit Energy Crystal Bracelet - Patience - Totem Animals!