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Animal Spirit Guide Series: Birds

March 8, 2020
11:00 am -12:30 pm
Complete Wellness
519 West Broad Street
Quakertown, PA 18951

What better way to welcome Spring than by working with bird energy?

Hawk - Eagle - Owl - Raven - Hummingbird or Robin, just to name a few, there are so many wonderful bird spirit guides waiting to assist us with our life mission!

Join me for the first in a series where we will learn how to work with Animal Spirit guides.

This class will focus on "The Winged Ones". Bird animal spirit guides are symbolic of our strengths, desire for freedom and represent harmony with other creatures. They also assist in obtaining a higher consciousness.

We will discuss the energies and essences of birds in general and you will learn which birds are specifically linked to intuition, strengths and spirituality.

Finally, I will guide you on a journey where you can meet and connect with your personal Bird power animal(s). You may receive messages and/or healing from these special bird spirits that have come forward just for you!

Class Fee: $20
Class is limited to 9 participants, please use above link to purchase your ticket.

Animal Spirit Guide Series: Birds: Event
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