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Answers To Most Asked Questions

Tell me more about Reiki

Reiki is sentient Source energy that is available to all beings. Reiki is one of the vibrations of universal life-force energy that helps to remind the cells and etheric, energetic and emotional aspects of the body/mind/spirit how to create and maintain balance, as well as function at optimal levels. 

As a Reiki Practitioner, I channel Reiki during client sessions, holding space for the communication between the body and the Universe to occur. Though Reiki helps me to read the body energies of Reiki recipients, that does not mean that I am responsible for “fixing” or shifting the energies of any recipient.

The calm presence of a Reiki practitioner is part of the support system that encourages the recipient to relax deeply and trust the universal energetic support. The human connection is a helpful support, but not the source of any benefits derived from the Reiki session.

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