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What My Clients Have to Say

Chrysanthemum Close Up

I was lucky enough to experience Cindy's work. I’ve had lots of energy work over the years and this was by far the most impactful. I haven’t felt so light and grounded and centered like that in a looooong time! My mind actually stopped scrolling. Amazing!!!

Tracy M.


Cindy‘s Reiki with WrenStones was the best I’ve experienced. Cindy created a calming and comforting space intertwined with intuitive Reiki that allowed the flow of Energy of deep healing vibrations which I felt well into the night. This is now a vital part of my healing therapy.

Maria D.

Yellow Narcissus

"I could feel the earthy grounding energy of the Wrenstones help energy flow through areas of my body that needed some love. I felt like a glowing relaxed goddess after a session with Cindy. I look forward to experiencing her beautiful work again."

Christine C.

Orange Tulip

I was feeling really stuck and disconnected. I didn't share this prior to my appointment. During my crystal healing reiki session with Cindy, she was able to identify that my root and solar plexus chakras were out of balance. That information validated how I was feeling physically and emotionally. 

I woke up this morning feeling open and energized.  Having the insight into which chakras to focus on and expand allows me to continue working on them on my own. 

She's a gifted reiki practitioner who is able to seamlessly incorporate the power of crystals into the healing session.  I would highly recommend a session with Cindy to regain balance and harmony and a sense of well-being and calm!

Denise H.

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